Are you looking to become a medical biller but are unsure whether it is the right job for you?

Well one of the major factors in any life decisions is finding out if you will be able to provide yourself with the lifestyle that you want to live. With that in mind you might find yourself asking what is the average medical billing salary to expect if you do enter the field?

In all honesty that is a pretty difficult question to answer due to the number of factors that go into determine salary, but we did our best and have developed the graph above to illustrate what we found to be the average medical billing salary in our area. Before you take our word as right I do want you to consider that salaries differ in region and city based on standard of living and other factors. If you live in an area with a higher cost and standard of living you may be able to expect a higher wage, and the opposite goes for those who don't.

I also wanted to metion this as a brief note we are using the word salary in it's loosest terminology as most medical billers are paid on an hourly basis rather than a yearly salary, which has it's pros and cons, but we will leave that for another website to discuss.